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Let’s get your pup started out on the right paw with a personalized diet.

ButcherBox For Pet's Premium Nutrition food is the first of its kind in the marketplace, combining:

  1. High protein content of excellent quality makes it easy on your pet to digest and maintain vibrant health
  2. Optimal balance of fiber promotes gastrointestinal health and support the microbiome, in turn supporting immunity, emotional wellbeing, and physical health
  3. Low fat content to maintain an ideal body weight and provide essential fatty acids to promote skin and coat health, as well as hormone metabolism
  4. Antioxidants from whole food processing and optimal bioavailable nutrients that work synergistically to help your pet thrive
Dr. Danielle Conway | ButcherBox For Pets

- Dr. Danielle Conway, DVM ACVIM Nutrition Board Eligible, CVA, VSMT

Nutrition board-eligible veterinarian with extensive experience in integrative medicine and nutrition.