How to Properly Store Your Dog Food

Storing pet food properly is essential to maintain its freshness, nutritional value, and safety for your pet. Here are some key points to consider:

Original Packaging

Ideally pet food should be stored in the original container. The reason for this is that there's been extensive research into how pet food is packaged in order to maintain optimal freshness. It is important that excess oxygen is kept out of the product and also protected from the elements such as light,  heat, moisture, pests, and more. 

However, while we want to protect the food from oxidation, it is also important that the pet food breathes and that moistures can get out of the package so the product does not mold.  All the research that is performed in ensuring that the nutrients remain viable and also the product doesn't become contaminated is assuming that the products are stored in the original packaging and has not been studied using the extensive variety of airtight containers that are available to store your pet food. 

It is also important to ensure the packaging is tightly sealed after each use. Roll the bag down after opening and seal with a strong clip. Or you can place the entire packaging into an airtight container. 

Airtight Containers

We get it, pet food packaging is usually pretty inconvenient for long-term storage and  it's hard to roll it down and keep it closed, however, there are ways to store pet food safely and more attractively in an airtight container that fits your aesthetic preferences. 

Store pet food in airtight containers to prevent exposure to air, moisture, and pests. This helps to maintain the freshness of the food and prevents it from spoiling quickly. But be sure to keep the original packaging and at minimum save the lot number, expiration date, company contact information, the SKU and any other important information you may need from the packaging in a handy location that you can access if needed.

  • It is important to note that if you choose an airtight container, wash thoroughly between each use. Every time you run out of food and empty the container before you refill it scrub it out with hot water and soap or better yet run through a dishwasher on disinfecting cycle. also be sure the container is thoroughly, and adequately dried before placing the new product into the Container to avoid spoiling and molding the new food.

Cool, dry location

Store pet food in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid areas that are prone to temperature fluctuations, such as garages or outdoor sheds, as this can lead to the deterioration of the food.

Rotate stock

Practice first in, first out  rotation to ensure that older food is used before newer purchases. This helps to prevent the food from going stale or losing its nutritional value over time.

Check for expiration dates

Pay attention to expiration dates on pet food packaging and use the food before it expires. Expired food may lose its nutritional value and could potentially be harmful to your pet.

On every bag of ButcherBox For Pets Premium Nutrition you can easily scan the QR code on the back to learn more about your particular batch of dog food. 

Avoid Moisture

 Keep pet food away from moisture sources, such as sinks, humidifiers, or areas prone to leaks. Moisture can lead to the growth of mold and bacteria in the food, making it unsafe for consumption.

Keep food off the floor

Store pet food containers off the floor to prevent contamination from pests and to facilitate easy cleaning around the storage area.

Always check manufacturer storage recommendations

Follow any specific storage recommendations provided by the manufacturer of the pet food, as different types of food may have varying requirements for optimal storage.

  • If in doubt, call the manufacturer and the FDA website also have information on how to properly store pet food. 

Final Thoughts

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your pet's food remains fresh, nutritious, and safe for consumption. At ButcherBox For Pets, we're dedicated to providing pet owners with quality products that prioritize whole food ingredients and proper preservation techniques. When you choose ButcherBox For Pets, you're making a choice that supports the longevity and overall health of your furry friend.

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