The ButcherBox For Pets Story

At ButcherBox For Pets, we’re making our pet products differently - in a way that supports farmers and provides high quality treats for our pets. By purchasing our food and treats, you're choosing the highest quality meat and supporting quality farmers throughout the United States.

ButcherBox For Pets is wholly owned by ButcherBox, a subscription company whose mission is to transform the meat industry. ButcherBox sources meat and seafood that you can trust, supporting local farmers and partners across the lower 48 to provide high quality meat delivered to your door. In 2022, ButcherBox realized that we should be serving the other members of our family, our pets, that same high quality meat.

Read more about ButcherBox sourcing here.


We aim to do as much as we can to support our fellow global citizens with a focus on environmental justice. We work with partners who have dedicated their lives to doing this work and are experts in protecting the earth. 

  • Holistic Approach

    Understanding the connections between farmers, animals, the planet, our team, and our members is where it all begins.

  • Giving Mindset

    We carefully partner with charitable organizations to make the most impact possible. Please contact us for more information on giving.

  • Certifications

    Don’t take our word for it. Third-party certifications, including B Corporation Certification, and various animal welfare organizations, including the Global Animal Partnership and ASPCA, hold us accountable.